Volume License

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If you do not own a CreditCard you can create a PayPal, GooglePay or ApplePay account and connect your bank account (checking account).

You can cancel your subscription with a few clicks on your Account page at any time. Your exported EA's remain fully functional after cancelling.

What is a Volume License?

Subscribe to a Volume License if you need to give other registered EA Builder Pro users Full Access. You, as the subscriber, can manage users on the Manage Users page. Add a Registered EA Builder Pro User to your list, this gives the user full access to EA Builder Pro. Remove the user from your list if access is no longer required. A Volume License eliminates the need for each individual user to subscribe.

Why subscribe to a paid plan and support the team?

  • You unlock all features (see table below) .
  • You get high quality software without hassles.
  • We keep your data safe.
  • You support a team of developers who make it their job to improve and maintain this software. You become an important part of that.
  • You are protected from price increases.
Free vs Paid
FeatureFree PlanPaid Plan
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
Import Custom Indicators .mq4 .mq5
Cloud backtesting
Export .ex4 .ex5
Export .mq4 .mq5
Export EA inputs
Export limit (daily)10unlimited
Backtest limit (daily)3Fair use policy
Use Web indicators to create your EA
Import Custom Indicators .ex4 .ex5 (unlocked)
EA limit3unlimited
Unlock all features
Support (e-mail) 95% within 24h