Run your EA Live

When to run an EA Live?

Running your EA on a Demo account is the next step after creating and testing your EA under different market conditions with good results. If you haven't created your EA yet, get started creating your EA first. Always make sure you run your EA on a Demo account for long enough to test your EA during real-time trading. We recommend running your EA on a VPS for both Demo and Live trading, because although Live trading can cause you to lose your money, failing to run a good Demo test will cause you to lose valuable time and reliable results.

Why run your EA on a VPS?

You've probably ran your EA on your PC. If you've been running your EA on a Demo (or even Live account) on your PC, then by now you know your PC gives you the following problems:

  • Automatic reboot after Windows updates.
  • Computer going into sleep/ hibernate mode.
  • (Short) internet interruptions, which you normally don't notice when browsing.
  • Accidently closing MetaTrader or mistakenly interrupting trading yourself.
  • Power interruptions.
  • Computer hanging (for whatever reason).
  • Computer crashing (BSOD).
All these problems can be avoided when you run your EA on a VPS of FXVM.

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