Help - I'm new to algo trading

I completely understand that you're interested in pursuing a career in trading, given the allure of the potential financial rewards and personal freedom that come with success in this field.

Before diving headfirst into the world of trading, it's crucial to take a step back. Trading is about making informed decisions in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. So, to be successful as a trader, you need a diverse skill set, the right tools and also know how to operate those tools. We (and our partners) got you covered!

Assess your (algo) skills

In the image below you'll see at which 5 areas you will need to master to have a real chance to be a successful (algo) trader: Trading, Algo trading, Markets, Trade psychology and MetaTrader. Each skill, or tool proficiency, has a level between 1 and 4. The image below could represent you, however it's crucial to determine your skill level as it varies from person to person.

EA overview
Assess your current skill level for each area to find your blind spots.
  • Level 1: Enthusiastic Beginner. At this level you are typically new to a task or skill and lack confidence or experience, however you are very motivated. You require clear direction and close supervision.
  • Level 2: Disillusioned Learner. You have had not much success and this affects your motivation. At this stage you have some experience with the task, but still need guidance and support. You may feel overwhelmed or unsure, so you benefit from coaching and direction.
  • Level 3: Capable But Cautious Performer. At this level you have acquired the necessary skills and confidence to perform the task independently, but you may still require occasional support and encouragement. You are competent but may lack full confidence.
  • Level 4: Self-Reliant Achiever. You are highly skilled and confident in your abilities. You require minimal supervision and can work autonomously. You may even provide guidance and support to others.

To hit your goals consistently, you'll have to get to Level 4 on all five areas. Have you written down in which areas you're still a beginner, a learner or a cautious performer? Then we're going to help you decide which actions you can take today to start moving up to the next level!

Are you ready? Let's get everything you need now.