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To unlock success in algo trading, it all starts with equipping yourself with the right tools and improving your skills. You can't deny or accept that you have blind spots holding you back if you're serious about becoming an algo trader.

After you've walked through the checklist we will run an Expert Advisor (EA) together by using everything from this checklist. But that's not all: this checklist contains Free special offers, including an online academy, a 'Trade together' program, '1-on-1 coaching' and a free VPS for those that qualify! That's right, free professional coaching! So, let us help you:

Step 1 - Algo bot building tool

step 1 - ea builder pro

Building and improving your own trading algorithms is essential for staying ahead of the market. With EA Builder Pro, you gain the power to create your own EA effortlessly.

Are you still a 'learner' at algo trading (find out)? We have a tutorial to become more proficient in building EA's. Also, our support department is ready to answer your questions.
To complete step 1 right now, secure a 1-year long subscription to fully immerse yourself in learning and experimentation.

Step 2 - Broker

step 2 - switch market broker

Our recommended broker, Switch Markets (SM), offers more than just access to the market and the MetaTrader platform. They provide unique free bonuses after completing registration, including:

  • Free online academy (*)
  • Free 'Trade together' program (*)
  • Free 1-on-1 coaching (*)
  • Free VPS (Virtual Private Server) for qualified users
We highly recommend Switch Markets. This broker also meets our own professional requirements: regulated, low costs, easy withdrawal, bonusses and great support. Switch Markets requires a $50 minimum sign-up deposit, but also offers a 100% first deposit bonus. Interested? Sign up Now!

By signing up with Switch Market you've also cleared your path to improve your skills which are discussed in the next steps!

(*) While we strive to keep the information up to date and correct, the offer(s) provided by Switch Market may be changed or end if they choose to do so.

Step 3 - Academy

step 3 - how to trade

Does your trading skill match that of a beginner, learner or are you lacking confidence (find out)? Academy offers structured courses, tutorials, and webinars designed by industry experts to help you master trading concepts, strategies, and techniques. Whether you're just beginner or looking to refine your skills, the Academy provides the essential knowledge and practical insights you need to trade the markets effectively.

After signing up with Switch Markets (Step 2), you'll automatically gain access to the academy, 'Trade Together,' and '1-on-1 Coaching' for free. Therefore, there's no need for any additional action at this stage. However, allocate a specific amount of time each day to engage with their online lessons.

Step 4 - MetaTrader

step 3 - how to trade

Once you are logged in on your account at Switch Markets, you'll find the MT4 and MT5 installer under 'Downloads'. You'll also need to add a (Demo or Live) trading account under 'Accounts'. Once you launch MetaTrader, you'll be asked to log in using the account(s) just created. You can then start using MetaTrader. You'll find how to use MetaTrader on our website, for example Tutorial - Run first EA or troubleshoot issues. More information can also be found on the next page.

Step 5 - Trading psychology

step 3 - how to trade

Ever found yourself second-guessing your trading decisions, even when you've done your research? You're not alone. Many traders face the psychological challenge of self-doubt, constantly questioning their strategies and abilities. How often have you looked at a price chart and said to yourself, "It looks like the market is going up" and what you thought was going to happen actually happened, but you did nothing except watch the market move, while you anguished over the money you could have made.

"Trading in the Zone", by Mark Douglas, delves deep into this struggle that hinder your success. Through Douglas's insightful guidance, you'll learn to trust your instincts, stay disciplined, and navigate the market with confidence.
Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to becoming a much better trader with Trading in the Zone (Hardcover, e-book and audio book available).

Have you completed the checklist? Great, because if you did, we can now run our first EA together