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Tutorial - Part 5: Summary

Last update: 5 Oktober 2023

You've now completed your first fully working EA!

You can now download your EA and use it in MetaTrader (howto)


download your EA
Click the 'Export to MetaTrader' button.

We advise the following next steps:

  1. Test your EA in MetaTrader by running a backtest. Make sure you enable 'Visual mode', so you can, visually, confirm the orders are opened and closed when expected. If you have any doubts if you made any mistakes when following this tutorial, you can compare your EA to the 'Tutorial - Cowabunga' template EA, which you can choose when adding a new EA to your account.
  2. If you need further assistance in configuring your EA, please Subscribe and contact us with your question(s). We will answer and provide examples until you've met your goal.
  3. Tune your EA by improving the EA's Input values. If you're using the free version of EA Builder Pro you can change the settings in the EA Builder Pro. If you're a subscriber, you can optimize the inputs automatically in MetaTrader.
  4. When you think you've got a working EA and you'd like to put it to real use, please run the EA on a Demo Account until you are sure the EA is working as expected. We strongly advise running the EA on a VPS (more info).
  5. Run your EA on a Demo account for a long enough time. Mind you that running the EA for about a week is not generally considered a long enough time. We, personally, verify at least 200 orders manually and at the very least run the EA for 3 months on a Demo account before transferring to a Live account. Mind you that we are not elegible to give financial advise and thus won't do so. The decision to put an EA on a Live account (and based on which information) is your responsibility alone.

We thank you for sticking with us through this tutorial and we hope to keep seeing you around! Over a 100.000 traders were here before you. More than 1.7 million tests were executed using our Backtester!