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Tutorial - Part 4: Modules

Last update: 3 January 2023

With the signals added to your EA, your EA will now open and close orders. One more task remains: our EA will have a 200 pip stop loss, so we will have to add the Stop Loss module to do that.

To add the Stop loss module, click 'Add' in the Strategy part of the EA's main screen.

add module
Click the 'Add' button of your EA's Strategy section.

You will now see a list of all modules you can add to your EA. Mind you that if a Stop Loss module was already added to your EA, you will not see the module in the list. Instead, you can go back to your EA's main screen and click the Stop Loss module instead. Each module you can add will change the behaviour of your EA. We're going to add the Stop loss module, which is the simplest module. In case you haven't done this yet, you're probably seeing this:

add stop loss module
Click the Stop Loss module.

You now need to enter the modules' inputs. We will want a stop loss when 200 pips of loss is hit, so we enter 200 in the 'Value' input and click 'Save'.

save stop loss module
Save the Stop loss module to your EA

If you want to know more about Modules and what they're capable of, please check the in-dept Modules documentation. You will be surprised about the flexibility you can create by using modules. To see an example, check out this blog: How to set stop loss based on the ATR indicator?

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