Help – my EA is not working (correctly)

So your EA isn’t doing what you expected. Most of the time it’s easy to fix, but your configuration just needs a few adjustments.

Stop Loss/ Take Profit is not working

Quote: “I set TP and SL both to 10 pips, but the SL and TP in trades are not set and trades dont get stopped”

  1. We do not send the SL/ TP values to Metatrader (so these do not become visible), because Marketmakers can use these values to stop you out. Instead, the SL/ TP values are kept in memory of your EA and will execute when it’s the right time. We are planning on sending the SL/ TP to MT when an EA gets shut down (in case of a PC reboot), but this is currently not the case.
  2. We will only close orders if the Open signal is no longer valid. The image below shows a sell order which triggered because the red line crossed the orange line. Imagine if we would stop the order once it hit 10 pips. What would happen is it would open another order immediately, then close it 10 pips later and open an order again immediately after. By this time you’ve lost (f.e.) 4 pips of spread and/or commission. For any Close module to work it’s important that the Open signal is only valid for as long as it’s necessary, so instead of opening a Sell when ‘Red < Orange’ make sure you check for a cross-over/ cross-under (see our Tutorials).