Help – I’m receiving errors

So the portal is giving an error. Search this page to decide what to do next.

If nothing helps. Before you contact us, please try to see if the same error persists when running EA Builder Pro in incognito (privacy) mode. If you don’t know how to do this, please Google “open website incognito” followed by your browser (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Invalid (Error parsing expression)

The error means you’ve made a mistake and you should try to correct it.

You probably got this error when you were working on the Signals. We took great effort to make EA Builder Pro as flexible as possible and we also tried to have our users have the best experience without losing too much flexibility. When building the Signal you’re working on some of the EA’s logic and it’s possible to break the logic.

A signal is valid when your creation is true. Lets say you have indicator A and B. A correct signal would be A.Value > B.Value. This is either true or false. An invalid signal would be A.Value > (nothing). Or another invalid signal would be A.Value > B.Value AND (nothing).

More examples:

Gender == 2True if gender equals 2
Age > 20True if a case has an age larger than 20
Age > 20 && Gender == 2True if age is larger than 20 and at the same time Gender is equal to 2.

Mind you that == means equal, >= means bigger or equal, <= means smaller or equal.