Trailing take profit – Close

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9th of march 2020

Close modules take orders as input and close orders when a condition, based on the settings, are met.

The Trailing take profit – Close module, will wait for the price to drop to the level of where the trail is and then close the order(group).


  • TrailingTakeProfitThresholdValue: this is the amount of profit (in pips, for example 20) an order has to reach for the module to start trailing. Before this value is reached, the module will have zero effect.
  • TrailingTakeProfitStartValue: the profit value (in pips) where the trailing starts. If this is set at 0, the order will at least break-even.
  • TrailingTakeProfitStepRatioValue: the amount the trail will rise when the profit rises. Let’s assume you put the setting to 1. If the profit rises 1 pip above the threshold value, the trail will move (in this example) from 0 to 1. After another pip of profit, from 1 to 2, etc.. The order will, under normal conditions, now at least create 2 pips of profit. If the setting is set to 2, it will rise 2 pips for every pip of additional profit, instead of 1.