OnSignal SL V2 – Close

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20th of February 2021

Close modules take orders as input and closes the orders when a condition, based on the settings, are met.

The OnSignal SL V2 – Close module, will wait for the price to drop to the level of where the trail is and then close the order(group). The SL is just the value where the order will close when the current price is moving in direction of (but not necessarily within) loss.


  • OnSignalSLV2OrderType: the module will only activate for Buy-/ Sell orders, or both, depending on the value you set.
  • OnSignalSLV2Signal: the activation rule. Setting this values works the same as setting your Signals.
  • OnSignalSLV2Value: the position the trail will start.
  • OnSignalSLV2 OffsetPipValue: the amount of pips under the OnSignalSLV2Value where you want the trail to start.
  • OnSignalSlStepPipValue: the amount the trail will rise when the profit rises. Let’s assume you put the setting to 1. If the profit rises 1 pip, the trail will move 1 pip up as well.
    Tip: If you want to create a flat SL line you can set it to 0. Now it’s not really trailing, but you created a horizontal SL line.