Multi order – Signal

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9th of June 2020

Open modules take Signals and Prevent open modules as input and create, or close, orders as output.

The Mutliorder – Open module, will allow multiple orders (or positions) to be opened at the same time, excluding hedging orders. It will only open a new order when the signal has changed from not-firing to firing or firing in the opposite direction (from Buy to Sell or vice-versa).


MaxNumberOfOpenOrders – the amount of orders which can be opened at the same time by this EA.


When an Open Signal is firing it will try to open an order, unless the Prevent Open orders are preventing it and unless a Close(Buy/ Sell) Signal is firing at the same time.
If the user wants the module to only open successive orders in the same direction, make sure you Signals are configured to create this behaviour, which means a Close signal would close the orders in one direction, before changing direction (the opposite Open signal fires).