We cannot build you an expert advisor. EA Builder Pro gives you the tools so you can build your own expert advisor with minimal effort.
However, if you are looking for a programmer that can build an EA for you, hire a programmer here.

We cannot build you a custom indicator. If you need a specific custom indicator built, hire a programmer here. When you've received your custom indicator you can upload and use it in EA Builder Pro.

Yes, EA Builder Pro does support custom indicators. Uploading an indicator's MQL file (MQ4/ MQ5) is available in the free and paid plans. Uploading an indicator's EX file (EX4/ EX5) is available in the paid plans only. Navigate to custom indicators to learn more.

EA Builder Pro runs on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

If you are missing a feature we definitely want to hear about it. Please sent us a message using the contact form. When the feature is validated and useful, we'll do our best to implement it quickly. Please note that this is subject to (other) items and assigned priorities on our backlog.

MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5. In de future we may add new platforms: let us know which platform has your preference!

Please run your browser in incognito mode and try again. If it works in incognito mode clear your browser cache and try again as you normally do. If EA Builder Pro doesn't start in incognito mode please contact us.



Our platform was created to do just that and it doesn't matter much if you're using a standard indicator or a custom indicator. Using a custom indicator only requires you to do two additional steps. The first is to upload your indicator. The second is to make sure you enter the correct parameters. Here's a tutorial page which shows you how to do just that: custom indicators.

You have opened an existing indicator and are trying to save a copy by clicking 'Save as new', but forgot to change the name. Indicators must have an unique name. Change the name and click 'Save as new' again.

This is currently not a feature. We've added this feature to our list of things to do. Please subscribe to our social media channels to get an update when this and other features are ready.


Your signal is currently not in a valid state and cannot be saved. Only valid signals can be saved. To understand more of what is going on, read the error description. We recommend that you read the documentation about the signal editor to learn how to use it. You can also play with the signal editor and try it yourself.


The most common reason is that your Open signal is still active. The EA won't close the order if the Open signal is still active, because if it would close the order, the Open signal would immediately open a new order in the same direction (closing a Buy would be followed by a new Buy) and you would 'lose' commission/ spread. There are a few ways to make sure your open signal is only active for a short amount of time:
  • Most common is to use a crossover in your open signal. This especially works well when the EA has a low timeframe or (in case of a high timeframe) the SL/ TP are large, causing the price usually not to hit the SL/ TP within the same bar as the opening bar. By using a crossover the value of the indicator is not just checked to be bigger than another value (which often holds true for too long), but it will only be active as long as the previous value (in the previous bar) was still smaller. When the next bar opens the crossover is no longer true, because now the previous value was already bigger than the other value. Make sure you only use 1 crossover per signal, because it's very rare for 2 crossovers to occur simultaneously.
  • Because a crossover is active for the period of the timeframe of the indicator used in the crossover (f.e. 60 minutes), you could alternatively, or additionally, use the Time gap between orders module. Make sure you enable 'Apply after closed order' and make sure the amount of minutes you enter matches the amount of minutes of the timeframe you're using (in this case 60 minutes). What the EA will do is pretty interesting. When your SL/ TP is hit, it will check what the EA would do if it would close the order now. Would the Open signal open a new order? Yes it would? But wait, no it wouldn't, because the Time Gap module would prevent it.

If you've set the SL of a Stop Loss module to 1 pip, then it's likely the order is closed (almost) immediately, because your order can have 1 pip of loss directly after opening. This happens if the spread (the difference between bid and ask) is 1 pip or more.
The most likely reason for this behaviour is that the SL/ TP is hit directly after opening the position. This can happen when the automatic detection of the PipPoint setting didn't set the correct value. In this case you will need to manually correct this input in MetaTrader. Start with the Point value displayed in MetaTrader in the 'Experts' tab (f.e. 0.0001). You should consider setting the 'Manual pip point' input (of your EA in MetaTrader) to the correct value. Change it to a bigger number until the calculations are correct. Start with 0.0001, then 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, etc, until the order is closed at the correct value in backtest or your demo account.

The behaviour you're referring to is called hedging. When we created our platform hedging was already banned by US brokers and this was the main reason we decided to not implement hedging. There are other reasons why we think it adds not much value to the automated trader: for example, when you open a Buy order and decide you want to hedge 2 lots in the opposite direction (sell), you can do either one of two things: 1. Open a new 2.0 lot Sell order 2. Close your current order and open a 1.0 lot Sell order. Both ways bring you in the same position as you're exposed 1 lot in the sell direction. However, option 1 has one downside compared to option 2: you're paying more interest (swap). If you want to open a sell order when you're in a buy position, we advise you to close the Buy order when the Sell condition (Signal) occurs and vice-versa. You can do this automatically by creating an Open Buy signal which is equal to your Close Sell signal and an Open Sell signal which is equal to your Close Buy signal.

Please start by verifying the problem is with the EA generated by EA Builder Pro, by downloading the template EA (the one you get when adding a new EA to your account). Run it in MetaTrader and verify the backtest is opening orders. Make sure you select a testing period of at least 3 months. If the template EA opens orders, start changing the EA one step at a time until it stops opening orders. Now you know at which step you probably made a mistake. Try correcting this step until the EA gives you the orders you expect, then proceed changing the EA further following the same process. Usually when only buy or sell orders are opened (or no orders at all) you need to select a larger test period. Also, some EA's don't open (a lot of) orders because too many conditions have been added causing an opening situation to never occur.

Example: when two EMA's crossover upward and one bullish candle forms, you want to buy at the high of the bullish candle.
Currently the way we support this scenario is by making sure the Signal contains both conditions: the crossover and the price passing the requested pricepoint, by comparing Ask to the candle's high. Let's say we want the price to pass 5 pips above the previous candle. The signal will look like this:
Pending order signal
Signal Open Buy for a pending order scenario
Make sure you think well about which shift input you will use for each indicator. It's likely you will want to use shift one on the MA and iHigh.

Inputs are not available when you are using EA Builder Pro FREE plan. Subscribe to EA Builder Pro and then export your EA again. Now you can access your inputs in MetaTrader.

You can add multiple TP and SL modules and give each a short unique name. The one closest to the current price will be displayed in MetaTrader.
Add multiple TP/ SL modules
Add TP and SL modules

When you don't want to set the value of TP/ SL to a fixed number of pips, but to a value based on an indicator with a calculation in place then you can use the Stop Loss - Conditional (Pro) module. It will allow you to set the TP/ SL to any value you want. Also see our blog: How to set stop loss based on the ATR indicator?

We currently don't support limit orders, however we are planning to do so in the future. We advise users to add all conditions to the current Signals so that the order is opened at the correct moment. Doing so most often leads to not needing limit orders anymore, except for a few cases.


If you do not own a CreditCard you can create a PayPal, GooglePay or ApplePay account and connect your bank account (checking account).

PayPal supports recurring payments (subscriptions) but only if your CreditCard or Bank Account (checking account) is connected to your PayPal account.

Login, then go to your profile page and click Cancel subscription. A popup will appear where you can leave optional feedback. Confirm by clicking on Cancel subscription. Your subscription will not be renewed when your subscription expires.

After your payment has been received it can take up to 10 minutes before your subscription is activated. Please be patient and refresh the application after ten minutes. If you still don't have full access after 10 minutes please let us know.

We are offering an EA Builder Pro FREE PLAN to evaluate our product. Before you subscribe, you can verify if EA Builder Pro is for you and meets your requirements. You may not always be eligible to request a refund since reimbursement laws exclude reimbursement for downloadable content. However, if you experience difficulties which prevent you from using EA Builder Pro you must always Contact us and allow us to solve the issue for you. We have a lot of experience with answering questions and solving issues. When we can't help you solve a critical issue which prevents you from using EA Builder Pro and you're new to our system, we will refund your latest payment.

When you subscription ends you can still login and access all your expert advisors that you've created. All other FREE PLAN limitations will apply.