Can I run a backtest with EA Builder Pro?

EA Builder Pro has a built-in backtester which has been embedded in the system. You can run your backtests on the fly without ever exporting your EA. With this feature you can quickly identify profitable traders. If you would like to run a backtest in EA Builder Pro you wil need to register and login. From then onward you have the option to click the "Schedule Backtest" button.

click backtest
Open Backtest dialog

This will open a dialog.

backtest dialog
Backtest dialog - backtest parameters

In the backtest dialog you can specify a timeperiod, spread, symbol pair and a timeframe. When done click the "Schedule" button and a backtest will be queued.

backtest overview
Backtest overview - Backtests waiting in queue to be processed

Your backtest will be added to a queue. The queue operates on a first scheduled - first processed basis, which means that - when there are other backtests scheduled - it can take some time before your backtest will be processed. This depends on the amount of queued backtest at that moment. You can monitor your backtest progress under "Backtest" when you click the menu.

backtest detail
Backtest detail - Select a backtest so you can view more detailed information

When your backtest has finished you can download the results.

download backtest
Download backtest result