Start building advanced trading strategies (for MT4, or MT5) for FREE


No coding

Create your expert advisor (MT4 or MT5) without writing a single line of code. Use any (custom) indicator you want, create any strategy, make the robot manage your trades how you want and last but not least, be in control of the risk you’re willing to take.
EA Builder Pro allows you to build and test your strategies, without the need to use a terminal for testing (e.g. Metatrader).

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“We wanted a way to build trading strategies while on the train, or anywhere.”

Single click testing

Backtest your strategy with a single click, on any device, from anywhere on your (mobile) device (*). You will receive a report in your mailbox when the test has completed.

Export & Run

When you feel ready, export & run your strategy on Metatrader 4 or 5 yourself for live trading, or further testing, it’s all up to you. Our code was written by professional programmers and you can use the exported code with ease for your own private needs.


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(*) Internet connection needed